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Embracing New Technologies and New Revenue Opportunities

As technology sales professionals, we are use to change by now ... some good and some bad.  By now most successful telecommunications agents have realized the importance of...

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Randy Jeter - Channel Partners Advisory Board Member

Randy Jeter is a partner and lead consultant at Premiere Worldwide, a telecom consulting firm. Since 2008, Jeter has focused on redeveloping Premiere Worldwide’s core business approach and...

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Learn More about Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service - DaaS Solutions offers enterprise-class managed solutions for business of all sizes. Utilizing a best-in-class architecture, Desktop as a Service - DaaS Solutions allows its customers to focus on...

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Infrastructure as a Service


Small and Mid-Size Businesses See Productivity in the Cloud: Surveys

Are SMBs jumping on the opportunity yet?  Two recent surveys suggest they are embracing cloud for both end-user applications at a rapid clip. And they love the...

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3 Reasons Your Company Still Hasn’t Moved to the Cloud

It’s only natural to reject change in a work environment. Change generally means relearning processes for tasks workers mastered years ago by learning new rules, methods, and practices. Despite the very real benefits of change, those in management can have a very hard time justifying...

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Private Cloud within the Public Cloud Architecture

We've always been focused on Software as a Service. And Dimension Data, which was recently bought by NTT, has always been focused on on-premise cloud," explained Treb Ryan, CEO of OpSource, a Dimension Data company, in this...

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Desktop as a Service


I Think I Want to Virtualize

If you're like a lot of small-midsize businesses I talk to, you're probably sick of adding a new server every time you need to deploy a new application.  The wiring closet you have 10 boxes stuffed in to is getting way too hot, and you don't want to...

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Virtualized Availability

If we restrict virtualization to only enabling server consolidation, we miss out on the other big benefits it brings. Namely, virtualization can transform how we prevent and recover from disasters, offering a simple way to protect our businesses from acts of God or acts of great stupidity (i.e., human error)...

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The cloud will eliminate security concerns for BYOD

Bring yur own device (BYOD) is a term that has been skirting the corporate marketplace for a number of years, but only now we are starting to see a genuine need and desire to embrace this new way of doing things...

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Disaster Recovery as a Service


Enterprise IT: Don't Bury Your Head in the Sand on Cloud Data Protection

In a lot of ways, changes in enterprise technology have mirrored consumer technology trends over the last few years. Just look at mobility, social apps, and cloud computing as examples. And whether you view the crossover as advantageous, overly risky, or merely inevitable, it's certain that enterprise IT security must...

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Transitioning to the Cloud

In the first quarter of 2012, FEMA reported 12 natural disasters throughout the country, including tornadoes, flooding, mudslides and severe storms from Florida to Alaska. The threats to your data are limitless - natural disasters, fires, water damage, equipment theft and hardware failure to name just a few. In the event of a disaster, if you don't have access to...

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Cloud computing journey starts with the data centre

The debate on cloud computing should not be about private or public clouds but on the data centre, according to Raju Chellam, cloud practice head, Dell South Asia & Korea.

And the key questions are about merging legacy systems with new infrastructure and "migrating apps without migraine," said Chellam. He shares with CIO Asia why the answers lie within the data centre...

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Must-have features of a VoIP phone service

Finding the right VoIP phone service to help your company can be tricky. What features will work best and make the company more efficient? VoIP offers the traditional voice services to keep your business communicating, plus many offer access to advanced features that can help staff to be more productive. As an IT professional, you can...

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Rogers launching the “One Number Telephone Adapter,” gives customers VoIP calling

Rogers launched their “One Number” service in February and gave customers the freedom to talk, text , and video chat from a computer using their Rogers wireless number.More and more Canadians are choosing to cancel their home phone service and go the route of a cell only household, or user a service like Skype to make calls...

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It's about time for a new type of office desk phone

Smartphones have gotten smarter, and most of us carry around a richly-featured device in our shirt pockets, capable of running apps, managing contacts, recognizing voices, and giving directions. And oh yes, making telephone calls, too. I've been wondering why the mobile phone is still so much smarter than the office desk VoIP phone. What's the next generation of office phone? Within the next few years, we're going to see the feature-rich VoIP phone...

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Ethernet Service


Telco Systems’ New Patent Strengthens QoS and SLA Assurance for Service Providers

Business Ethernet solutions provider Telco Systems (News – Alert) has been granted a new U.S. patent for its innovation in real-time, in-line bandwidth measurement. Telco Systems, a BATM company, develops Carrier Ethernet 2.0 compliant multi-service and MPLS solutions. According to the company, quality of service (QoS) and assuring Service Level Agreement (SLA) has become an...

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Cloud Security

Customers need secure, quality, and seamless Ethernet connections to the Cloud. Ethernet Carriers focus on providing redundant services with industry standard Service Level Agreements. A secure Ethernet Network will allow for Cloud customers to connect to the Internet through a completely private circuit. Ethernet Carriers focus on...

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Ethernet Service Providers Offers

Why Carrier Ethernet services offer lower costs along with higher performance. One technological revolution quietly underway is the transition from circuit switched to packet switch WAN protocols. Many businesses first become aware that something is happening when they go to get price quotes for bandwidth upgrades or new line services. They expect to be buying a T1 line and find themselves ordering Ethernet over...

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